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What shipping methods does Shipping Storm offer?


As already said, International shipping is complicated. Shipping Storm uses several International and National Courier Companies, and Shipping Consolidators. Each of them provides some number of services. Some offer services only in certain parts of the world or country. In each case, the right choice of the mode of the shipment, the courier company, and service used for that particular shipment depends on many factors. A country where we ship, sometimes even part of it, weight and measurements of the package, delivery time requested, quality of insurance required. The combination of those factors and the importance of each one determines which service is the best one in each particular case. Often, one shipment is serviced by more than one company, when in different countries along the way, various International or local firms or Post Office move the package. Altogether, currently, we offer more than 50 different options how we deliver shipments.

Shipping Storm uses main carriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, together with few International Shipping Consolidators and Courier Companies operating on local markets, plus, in many countries, national Post Office services.

We believe that most people do not particularly care about the company which will deliver their package. They do not care about whether the uniform of the delivery man or woman is brown, blue, red or yellow. Please, go to our Shipping Calculator to see which options are available for your country, weight, and size of your package.

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