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Do I have to pay tax and duty?


The answer is simple. Yes. Please, be aware that there may be fines or even criminal proceedings for you when you try to evade Customs duties, Import taxes and such. 

You as the "Importer" are solely and entirely responsible for accurate declaration of the goods you are importing and their value. This information is used by Customs authority in your country to determine taxes and duties on your shipment.

Everything you import you must declare to customs. It does not matter whether the goods are new or used or whether you are buying them for yourself or as a gift. Most countries set a value threshold under which they do not collect duty or tax (it is called "de minimis" value). If your shipment is under this limit, you should not pay any Customs duty or import taxes. However, Customs can revalue or reclassify items when they believe that the price or the classification you stated is incorrect. And you can end up paying anyway.

You, as an "Importer," are legally responsible for the accurate declaration of the goods and their value for assessment of duties and taxes in the importing country. Thus, even if the Seller does not provide an Invoice, you must provide the information on the customs declaration. If you don't declare the fair value, you may be fined or even subject to criminal prosecution.  Customs will also confiscate your goods. Shipping Storm is not responsible for any misstatements of duty or tax, whether by you or the Merchant.

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