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How is the shipping rate calculated?


Well, International shipping is complicated. The shipping rate is calculated based on many variables which differ from carrier to carrier. The country of destination, the weight, both actual weight and dimensional weight of the package, exact dimensions of the box, the type of goods shipped and so on. Also, regions and cities in the same country often have different shipping rates. As said earlier, each Carrier offers many different services. For instance, DHL offers DHL Express and DHL eCommerce, plus some more. Moreover, there are different modes and kinds of the services provided. For example, DHL Express offers nine different “sub-services.” Which one you ultimately choose depends mainly on weight, but sometimes also on the type of goods shipped, time (speed) you want or need the shipment to be delivered to you, sometimes even on the value of the products. Not all services are available for all countries, and there are also services designed only for a specific country(s). The final shipping rate you pay depends on a combination of those factors.

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