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What is consolidation?


Consolidation is merely making one shipment out of many. When you make multiple purchases in more than one U.S. online stores, you naturally receive many packages. Sometimes even one store will send more than one package, dividing one order into multiple shipments. If we send you every package individually, you will pay for each one. Because in International shipping, the first kilogram or pound is always the most expensive, and usually each additional kilogram (pound) is cheaper than the previous one, whenever possible, it is much less expensive to send two (or more) items in one package instead of carrying two or more separate parcels.

By consolidation your purchases into one shipment you will also save a lot of money on shipping charges by reducing the volume. All U.S. online stores use only few box sizes to ship to their customers. It is convenient for them and cheaper, too. By shipping only within the United States, they pay little for shipping, and, there is no dimensional weight charged. So they usually use too large boxes.

However, in International shipping, there is a dimensional weight in the game, and it is an essential one. Dimensional weight just cost you a lot of money. When we consolidate for you, we are merely also repacking. We try to make the package as small as possible, so the overall rate you will pay will be as low as possible. Actually, in this game, the volume is often even more important than weight, since volumetric weight is often even six times more expensive than actual weight.

When you combine savings by consolidating (putting multiple items into one box) with repacking (saving space by using smaller boxes), you really can save up to 80 percent on retail prices of shipping costs when we consolidate your packages into one shipment.

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