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How well do you pack packages? Will my stuff survive the shipment without any damage?


Well, we want to assure you that we take this seriously. When we repack your items, it is always packed better, more carefully and more safely then it was in the original shipment from the online store to your address in the Shipping Storm warehouse.

We choose the package also based on the type of the goods shipped. We want to achieve the ideal balance between price and security of the merchandise. For example, putting a T-shirt of value $20 in a box would probably overkill. There is no need for additional packaging materials, sturdy box, or anything like that. The T-shirt will be just fine with the right quality plastic bag or padded envelope. Shipping will be much cheaper for you, and the result will be the same. You will get your tee in perfect condition anyway.

Of course, when we ship electronics, we not only use the original box in which the item was sold and sent to Shipping Storm warehouse but depending on the concrete situation, we may use additional packaging material for extra protection and security.

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