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The Package tracking from the store says it has been delivered to the Shipping Storm warehouse. However, I cannot see it on my account.


Sure you wonder where are your stuff. Don’t worry. Most likely the package was delivered to our warehouse, and everything is all right. Now we are in the process of putting all deliveries in the Shipping Storm system. We are taking measurements, photos, weight and so on. Once your package is in our application, you will be able to see all in your Shipping Storm account until delivery to your home.

We work as fast and efficient as possible (time is money, after all). However, everything takes time. Some days are busier than others. We may need 1 or 2 working days to process your package (working days means Monday-Friday in the United States, excluding U.S. Holidays).

If you still don’t see your package in your Shipping Storm account after two days after delivery from the online store to our warehouse, you may want to contact us. Most likely it arrived all right, so there is no need to worry about your stuff.

There may be few reasons for the delay. We may just be too busy (before Christmas or Valentine's Day). There may be flu epidemics in Portland, and our people are sick (sorry, we all are just people, and people are not perfect). Nor us, neither our members. They sometimes make mistakes when filling the form on the online store website. They mess up their information when checking out (Suite Number wrong or completely missing, wrong name, whatever).

In case you are worried about your stuff, please submit a support ticket. Provide all relevant information, at least the tracking number you got from the store. We will do our best to find your package and do all we humanly can to make you happy.

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